With Love from Germany

Koblenz, Germany. PulseofEurope Koblenz calls again to the cheerful demonstration with the

Whole family for Europe on next Sunday, April 23 from 2 to 3 pm at the Jesuitenplatz in Koblenz. There are also Europe bumper stickers and France je t’aime balloons.

“We at Pulse of Europe are taking part in the French election campaign under the motto” France je t’aime – with Love from Germany “to convince the French people of Europe”. According to Hape Etzold, Coordinator of PulseofEurope Koblenz, on the question of what to do to keep Europe safe. “We are demonstrating and sending greetings to France so that after the elections in France laughter will not pass”. The convinced European says: “Peace in Europe is at stake. The Brexit negotiations have just begun and London is already sending threats to Spain. ”

Under the motto “30 seconds for Europe”, Europe’s friends can make their personal statement at the demonstration, why they believe it is better for Europe to stay together. The happier the better.

The participants are completely free to express their 30-second statement for Europe: costumes, poster, pantomime, song, tattoo, speech – all that takes place per Europe and only takes 30 seconds.

So note three things: 1.) Sunday, April 23, 2 pm, Jesuitenplatz / Koblenz; 2.) bring Europe flags and European symbols; 3.) pray for good weather.

There is also a video for action!

Good bye!